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TurnNBurn logo for semi-trailer drill adapter for landing gear
Trademark for the TurnNBurn adapter for semi trailer landing gear


Our primary goal is to assist those in the trucking industry in saving both time and money. We aim to achieve this by prioritizing one of the most critical yet neglected aspects of trucking - the drop and hook process - by streamlining it for increased efficiency, speed, and safety. The TurnNBurn adapter, which attaches to the landing gear of a Semi-truck's, Semi-trailer, empowers your standard 18v power drill to perform the task that was once left to the driver/operator. This efficient tool significantly reduces the time needed to raise or lower the landing gear by up to 50%, thus minimizing downtime between loads. Moreover, by eliminating the need for human motor function in this process, we also eliminate the risk of injury or harm to drivers/operators who would otherwise have to turn a crank handle.


Unlike other landing gear apparatus made for raising and lowering Semi-trailer legs, the TurnNBurn differs. Technologies on the market today lean toward an automated process which many times require modifications to the landing gear legs and its structural components. Our technology is simple. No bulky frame or motor installation is necessary. There are no power or battery connections that need to be attached.  Only a simple fitting of our adapter onto the shaft of the landing gear and the trailer is ready for use.

Turn in a new direction. trailer at a time. 


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