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Why we're here

At TurnNBurn our mission is to transition the trucking industry into a new era where the tedious manual process of connecting semi-trucks and trailers is replaced with efficiency and ease by leveraging the automated power of an electrical drill.  With more than 7 decades in the trucking industry and logging over 3.5 million collective miles, the TurnNBurn was developed by a team of truckers with a keen understanding of the rigors of the drop and hook process. Following years of research and engineering consultations, the TurnNBurn was artfully crafted for ergonomic use and universal connectivity.  Designed to serve all levels - from the modest owner operator with a single Semi-truck & trailer, to corporations with large multi-state fleets and everyone in between - the TurnNBurn delivers an undeniable edge that will make it the go-to tool for all truck operators.

Elton - GA

“I leave mine on my trailer. I havent taken it off since I got it! I havent used a landing gear crank in months,..and dont plan on using it anytime soon."

Georgio - CA

"There are times when this tool really saves my day. We have some beat up chassis here at the port whose landing gear just sometimes won't cooperate. The Turn n Burn stops all that non sense."

Eric - CA

“It's just easy, period. There is nothing like it out there. I'm cutting time, saving my arm. It's just a win-win all the way around.”

Benefits of the TurnNBurn

Trademark for the TurnNBurn adapter for semi trailer landing gear
TurnNBurn logo for drill adapter for semi trailer landing gear
Save time with the TurnNBurn drill adapter for semi trailers

Saves time

Dramatically cuts down on the time needed to raise and lower landing gear legs.

Be more efficient - drill adapter for semi-trucks and trailers


Cutting drop and hook times upwards of 50%

TurnNBurn adaper for semi trucks and semi trailers

Improved work experience

No more cranking  landing gear manually by hand. 

Crank handle drill adapter for semi trailers


Made from durable alloys providing unprecedented quality and durability.

Anyone can use the TurnNBurn drill adapter for semi trailers

Driver/operator friendly

Drivers/operators can avoid arm and shoulder soreness or injury.

TurnNBurn drill adapter for landing gear made in america

100% Made in the USA

Supporting our homegrown machine shops and manufacturers right here in the USA - 100%!

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