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TurnNBurn Adapter: Revolutionizing Semi-Trailer Connection



Our Mission

At TurnNBurn, our mission is to usher the trucking industry into a new era where the laborious manual process of connecting semi-trucks and trailers is replaced with efficiency and ease. We achieve this by harnessing the automated power of an electric drill through our product, the TurnNBurn drill adapter for Semi-trucks and trailers.

Let your drill perform the work

Turning the crank handle can be a real challenge, especially in inclement weather or when dealing with older trailers. Our goal is to benefit drivers, operators, and companies by eliminating the cumbersome, tedious, and unhealthy activity of manually raising and lowering landing gear by arm.

Simple Installation Steps

  1. Remove the Crank Handle: Use a 9/16 wrench or ratchet to remove the crank handle. Most trailers have a 3/8 nut and bolt attachment. Adjust accordingly if your handle uses a different size. Safely stow the crank handle—it serves as your backup plan if your drill runs out of charge.

  2. Attach the TurnNBurn Adapter: Fit the TurnNBurn adapter onto the shaft of the landing gear using either the nut and bolt or our convenient wire lock pin. Now you’re ready to roll!

  3. Press the Trigger: With the TurnNBurn adapter in place, press the trigger on your electric drill. Always use two hands for safety.

Safety Tips for Drivers

  • Leave Space: When lowering your landing gear to uncouple from a trailer, leave space between the ground and the foot of the landing gear legs. Never let the legs completely down. This prevents difficulties during re-coupling due to height differences in semi-trucks.

  • Quick Foot Check: Before re-coupling, perform a quick foot check. Leaving at least 3 inches of space allows the trailer to drop when uncoupling. When it’s time to hook up again, your tractor unit will lift the trailer, reducing stress on the landing gear.

Backup Plan

If your drill loses power, don’t panic. Retrieve your trusty crank handle and use the wire lock pin to raise or lower the landing gear in the traditional way. And always keep those drill batteries charged!

Benefits of the TurnNBurn Adapter

  • Time-Saver: Raise and lower the trailer landing gear in seconds. Meet deadlines and avoid penalties or delays.

  • Safety First: Say goodbye to manual cranking and reduce the risk of injury and fatigue.

Choose TurnNBurn - Only 1 brand offers the 1 tool that can raise and lower semi-trailer landing gear in under 1 minute—there’s only 1 choice!  Make the switch and turn in a new direction.


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