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Safety First: Best Practices for Raising Landing Gear on Trailers

Updated: Apr 6

semi truck and semi trailer driving down road with landing gear retracted thanks to the TurnNBurn adapter
TurnNBurn adapter helping operators work safer, faster and more efficiently.


By: TurnNBurn Team 📅 January 13, 2024

Semi-trucks and trailers play a vital role in transporting goods across long distances, making them an indispensable part of the logistics industry. One crucial aspect of maintaining and operating trailers is understanding how to raise the landing gear properly and safely. In this article, we will discuss the best practices for raising landing gear on trailers, ensuring smooth operations and avoiding any potential accidents.

Before diving into the proper procedure, it is important to highlight the significance of safety precautions. Prioritizing safety not only protects individuals involved but also helps in preventing damage to the trailer and its surrounding environment.

The first step in raising the landing gear is to ensure proper positioning of the truck. Make sure the truck is placed on solid, level ground to prevent any tilting or instability during the process. Doing so will provide a sturdy foundation and make the task simpler and safer.

Next, it is crucial to attach the truck to the trailer. Coupling to the trailer will relieve the pressure on the landing gear, slightly lifting the trailer, making it easier and safer to raise. Handy tip: Align the fifth wheel with the trailers power connection. It is usually centered in the middle of the trailer and will help you back the truck straight to the kingpin. 

Now that the truck is coupled to the trailer, it’s time to focus on raising the landing gear itself. To begin with, locate the landing gear controls. The controls are typically located towards the front of the trailer, usually on the driver's side and consist of a hand crank for manual turning. 

Secure the crank handle onto the shaft of the landing gear and begin turning it counterclockwise. It is important to remember that raising the landing gear should be done steadily, ensuring stability and preventing sudden movements.

Continue turning the crank handle over and over until the landing gear has reached the desired height. Always ensure you are observant while operating to react promptly if any issues arise. Handy tip: to always know which way to turn the landing gear remember, left to leave - when raising the landing gear, right is night - when lowering the landing gear. 

Once the landing gear has been fully retracted, it is advisable to perform a visual inspection. Checking for any signs of damage, wear, or loose parts is essential in ensuring the landing gear’s overall structural integrity. Additionally, it is vital to confirm that the landing gear is secure in its raised position before proceeding to any other task.

In conclusion, understanding how to raise the landing gear on trailers is of utmost importance for ensuring the safety and efficiency of transportation operations. Following the best practices outlined in this article, including positioning the truck correctly, and steadily raising the gear, will prevent accidents and damage. Remember, safety should always be the priority when operating any commercial vehicle.

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